Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The 5:40 Crew

On January 5, 2015 - my friends Jessica, Kristin, and I became the 5:40 Crew. What is the 5:40 Crew, you ask? We made the courageous decision to begin working out every morning at 5:40 AM - yes, that's the morning! We chose this number because of me -- I have a hard time getting up in the morning, everyone who knows me can attest to this fact. I decided that I could set my alarm for 5:30 and make it to the gym by 5:40 (the gym is literally 3 minutes from my house).Thus our adventure into early morning workouts began

Fast forward 9 weeks - it's now March 4, 2015 and I've almost completed two months of morning workouts (5 days a week). Although, I haven't lost a lot of weight, I've found that physically, I'm stronger, can run 30 minutes without stopping, and my jeans fit a little looser. Even more importantly, I have an energy that I didn't have before these workouts started. It's much easier to wake up in the morning and get going and I feel amazing throughout the day. It's also really nice to be able to drive by the gym after work and say "I've already done my workout and I don't have to fight the after work crowd! Yay!" It's nice to come home and relax after work rather than hurriedly putting on workout clothes and head to the gym.

About four weeks into our "lifestyle" change - the girls and I decided we needed some sort of goal to keep us motivated - we did our research and found the Color Up 5k in April. It's a fun 5K run filled with color bombs and lots of excitement. We decided this would be our goal - a 5k to show how far we'd come from January.

Now, what came next should come as no surprise to most of you - research. My friends and I began to research running events and got out our bucket lists. It was not surprising to see that all of us had (at one time or another) wanted to run a half-marathon or marathon. Why not, we thought? We are doing so well in our workouts - let's go ahead and set another goal - a little further down the road. So we decided that our next event after the 5k would be a half-marathon.

It didn't take me very long to decide what half-marathon I wanted to participate in - being kind of a Disney fanatic, I immediately began looking at the runDisney website. I mentioned to my friend Jessica (also a Disney fanatic) that I wanted to do a disney half-marathon and we agreed that the Disney Wine and Dine Half-Marathon sounded great for our time line and the fact that you get to EAT and DRINK afterwards :)

We haven't actually signed up for the half-marathon yet - open registration isn't until March 17th but we are really excited about our commitment to running and the fabulous vacation that is going to happen afterwards!

I've decided to blog my experiences training for these events and trying to become a healthier me!

Stay tuned for more!

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