Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Yo miss...you trippin'

As my yearly update on my job status rolls around, I thought I would introduce you to my current class by using thirteen to sixteen year old dialogue.

Student: "Yo miss, I don't understand this stuff."
Me: "Have you read the directions?"
Student: "Nah, I ain't gonna do nun of dat"
Me: "Well, I can't help you until you read the directions."
Student" "Miss, you trippin'"
Me: "I haven't fallen once today, I've been pretty steady"
Student: "You willll(d)"

This is typically dialogue between myself and my students that occurs on a daily basis. I now understand and can interpret conversations I never thought I could. A conversation with another teacher yesterday made me realize that I'm becoming more and more knowledgable about current teenage slang each day. For example, I now refer to jail as a person being "locked up" because so many of my students refer to their time in juvie by that term. I've found myself in conversations with people who don't know where I work and only until their confused looks surface do I realized I've used terms like "locked up" and "you for real."

For those unfortunate people who have attempted to interpret my new "hip" language, I apologize and give only one explanation. I began working in a disciplinary alternative education program in January as a middle school English teacher. I quickly found out that in addition to my teaching duties, I was assigned the task of teaching "willll(d)" teenagers how to behave in the classroom. It has been an interesting and sometimes tiring task but it is worth it because I have a great principal and vice principal who are very supportive in addition to fellow teachers who are willing and ready to assist in whatever needs to be done. Overall all it has been a most illuminating semester! I will be interested to see what happens next fall (note: after a especially relaxing summer!!)

I have now experienced my first classroom fight, being cussed out and a student "bowing" up to me (did I mention he looked like a lizard getting ready to fight?) and I have SURVIVED!

Only 22 more days of school! Yay!