Friday, September 14, 2012

Arkansas...or Iraq??

Arkansas or Iraq...these two places have very little in common except in the eyes of one of my eighth grade students.

In class today, we were discussing current events (I teach English...but we went for it anyway) and the events that have been unfolding regarding the U.S. embassies in middle-eastern countries. One of my students said, "Isn't that happening in Arkansas?" Too say I was shocked is an understatement. I know that many of my students are very unaware of the global world, but I never thought that they were so unknowledgable about our own country. After explaining to the student that Arkansas was actually a state in the United States, the response was, "Oh, I always get Arkansas and Iraq confused!"

This situation has me firmly believing that we need a drastic overhall of the education of students within this country. Our English word of the day today was "Cosmopolitan," and although it is a very popular alchololic drink, it also means "belonging to all the world." With all the social media outlets such as facebook, twitter, and even blogs...our students should have a more cosmopolitan outlook and awareness. We, as teachers, parents, friends, family...need to be working on raising the global awareness of our students.

Do you know the difference between Arkansas and Iraq? Do you know someone who doesn't know the difference? As a teacher, my request to all of you will influence over students, is to make sure you are teaching them about the global world.

That is all.


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