Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wow...talk about long time gone!

Wow! It's been so long since I posted a blog. Life happens and I guess sometimes there are more important things to do than write down thoughts. So update.....

Last time I blogged, I had a job at Whitewright Elementary School teaching 1st grade. Unfortunately, due to budget cuts, my job was "cut" and as of now, I'm unemployed....but that's okay! I was about ready to give up teaching anyway and the state budget cuts gave me the excuse to pursue a new dream...

I'm currently living in Austin, TX working for the Texas Baptist Christian Life Commission. Yeah...so it's a "dad" job...meaning my dad got it for me but it's turned out to be interesting and mostly fun (there are those days when NOTHING happens!) I'm also working on my paralegal certificate through Duke University and hoping to get a job in the legal field. I've always wanted to do something in that field (despite a disastrous semester at Regent Law School) and decided that NOW was the time to transition. Hopefully, this summer at the CLC will gain me some contacts in legal circles that will get me a job!

While in Austin, I'm living in this tiny "bungalow" apartment in Manchaca, TX (sort of a guesthouse). It's one room (literally) but McKay (my dog) gets to live with me and that makes it less lonely. I'm working hard on my studies and applying for every job I see. I believe God has great plans for me and am doing my best to keep worry out of my life and to be POSITIVE!

Hopefully I will get around to posting more updates on this blog. Maybe a chronicle of the job hunt and adventures in Austin. I know not very many people read this anyway....but it gives me an outlet to write what is going on in my life!

Until Next Time,