Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wow...talk about long time gone!

Wow! It's been so long since I posted a blog. Life happens and I guess sometimes there are more important things to do than write down thoughts. So update.....

Last time I blogged, I had a job at Whitewright Elementary School teaching 1st grade. Unfortunately, due to budget cuts, my job was "cut" and as of now, I'm unemployed....but that's okay! I was about ready to give up teaching anyway and the state budget cuts gave me the excuse to pursue a new dream...

I'm currently living in Austin, TX working for the Texas Baptist Christian Life Commission. Yeah...so it's a "dad" job...meaning my dad got it for me but it's turned out to be interesting and mostly fun (there are those days when NOTHING happens!) I'm also working on my paralegal certificate through Duke University and hoping to get a job in the legal field. I've always wanted to do something in that field (despite a disastrous semester at Regent Law School) and decided that NOW was the time to transition. Hopefully, this summer at the CLC will gain me some contacts in legal circles that will get me a job!

While in Austin, I'm living in this tiny "bungalow" apartment in Manchaca, TX (sort of a guesthouse). It's one room (literally) but McKay (my dog) gets to live with me and that makes it less lonely. I'm working hard on my studies and applying for every job I see. I believe God has great plans for me and am doing my best to keep worry out of my life and to be POSITIVE!

Hopefully I will get around to posting more updates on this blog. Maybe a chronicle of the job hunt and adventures in Austin. I know not very many people read this anyway....but it gives me an outlet to write what is going on in my life!

Until Next Time,


Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Weekend

This weekend was a very active one...My cousin Emily turned nine and my sister and her dog Harper came to visit me! It was the set up for a great, if interesting weekend!

Julie came into town on Friday and spent the day working on her homework (ahhh...I remember those college days!) while I slaved away at school giving test after test! After school, we did a quick workout (walking only...) and then departed for McKinney and the lovely Fudruckers restaurant (the name, people, the name!) After a lovely dinner, we did a little shopping at Homegoods! To the left is a picture of my new bedspread and pillows that I purchased! I absolutely love it! Then it was time to head home for a good night's sleep!
On Saturday, Julie did more homework (I had forgotten all the work for college!) and I graded some papers ! Then we went for some more shopping in Allen and McKinney! I was on a mission today...I was looking for the new Nalini Singh book "Archangels' Consort"...now I know that it technically isn't supposed to come out until Tuesday, January 21st but I thought I might have some "luck" and one of the bookstores would've stuck it out early! ...........................lots of looking later (3 bookstores to be exact), I found what I was looking for at Books-A-Million! I was sooooo excited! I was going to be able to go home and read this book I had been waiting months for 3 days before it actually came out! So, an excited Julie (because my joy was rubbing off on her) heading home! Now....here it comes.....we got home and found that Julie's dog Harper had shredded the carpet in my room....and when I mean shredded....I'm mean it's horrible! I've never seen carpet so torn up in my life! I was devastated, worried, upset....emotional to the extreme....my joy of finding my book faded like worn jeans!

To say there was drama was an understatement! I was upset for a couple of hours afterward and did not sleep well last night...having reoccurring dreams of shredded carpet! Luckily, today went much better! After a great Sunday School lesson at The Heights Baptist Church in Richardson, TX...I came home to take a nap and read some of my book!

I'm much more relaxed after venting on this blog and glad that you have read my comments until the end!

See you next time,


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Work it baby....

These are my running shoes!
They are awesome!
I started working out again this week! Runnning...well...sort of running! I decided that it was time to get started and set the goal of running a mile and walking a mile. This aerobic exercise is in addition to the weights that I've been doing in the morning for the past month ( you should see my guns...lol..)

Since I'm cheap I decided that running out by my house was good enough and will not be getting a gym membership! I think this actually be more productive anyway because of the trail I'm running! There are definetly lots of hills! I was pretty much dying today! I will be using on my iPhone to record my workouts and am hoping to post at least once a week about my experience! Notice that I said "hope," not making any promises!

Work it, baby!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Master of Smoke

Master of Smoke (Mageverse, #11)Master of Smoke by Angela Knight
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Master of Smoke was a very good addition to the Mageverse series! It was very interesting to have a hero that was made up of 3 personalities! If you haven't read this series...don't start with this book...you'll just get confused! Check out Angela Knight's website..it will help you choose the order in which to read the book!

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Have an "Unusual" New Year!

Today was the first day of 2011 and I spent the day watching the NCIS marathon on USA. Yes, I know that there were a plethora of Bowl games on television but I chose to instead watch one of my favorite shows EVER! In fact, as I write this post, I'm watching an episode that I've probably seen 2 or 3 times! 

 Usually, the first thing that you do at the beginning of a new year is to make a resolution (or two...or three!) and I'm going to be no different this year! Like every year for it seems like forever, I would like to lose some weight this year (I think that is always a resolution for any woman!) but I would also like to accomplish some other things in 2011 that are not my "usual" resolutions!

For those of you who know me well, you know that I'm just a little bit obsessed with books! I absolutely love to read and maybe unbeknownst to you is that I like to write and would like to write some sort of fiction book! Now....I'm not talking about some Jane Austen or J.K. Rowling type of book that takes the world by storm but I often have these stories floating around in my head that I feel need to be told! This year, I would like to finish the story that I've been writing for awhile and maybe (just maybe!) see what might come of it! 

So, for those of you who follow my blog (which I think is not very many!) I say to you...it's great to make the typical New Year's resolution but maybe this year you should go for broke and be "unusual" in your resolution! Wish for something that you might not usually pick and make it happen! You might just be surprised at what comes next :)